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A safe, inclusive, supportive independent living community for adults with autism and related special needs.

Autism Life and Living’s Oak Tree Ranch Independent Living Community is a pioneering initiative founded by Lisa Masters in 2021. Recognizing the critical need for long-term housing solutions for adults with autism and related intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD), the organization has embarked on the development of a 31-unit community that offers a unique blend of specialized housing, community inclusivity, safety features, environmental sustainability, affordability, and programs promoting independence.

Oak Tree Ranch advocates for the idea that everyone deserves access to secure and inclusive housing tailored to their needs. Present housing choices in Arizona are either financially out of reach or present unsafe alternatives that limit self-determination and choice.

People with autism/IDD encounter numerous obstacles to securing stable, supportive housing. A pressing issue revolves around the roughly 40,000 individuals with Autism/IDD in the Greater Phoenix area who are at significant risk of losing both their residence and primary caregiver. This jeopardy becomes apparent when family members are no longer able to provide support due to factors like aging, health challenges, economic constraints, and their final passing.

The community aims to address the dearth of viable housing options for neurodiverse individuals, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for residents. The project addresses the specific needs and desires of its target demographic, making it a valuable and sought-after living option.

The Unassuming Acorn

The acorn is a small and unassuming seed that holds within it the potential for great growth and prosperity. From the tiny acorn, a mighty oak tree can grow, reaching up towards the sky and spreading its branches far and wide.

The name “Oak Tree Ranch” is symbolic and represents this mighty oak, which embodies qualities such as longevity, strength, stability, protection, justice, and safety. These attributes are believed to align with the mission of ALL’s Oak Tree Ranch Independent Living Community , which seeks to empower neurodiverse individuals by promoting inclusion, independence, socialization, and overall well-being within a supportive and secure living environment.

Our Mission

To provide safe, supportive and affordable permanent housing for neurodiverse adults.

Our Vision

To ensure the most vulnerable of our society live an independent and fulfilling life.

Our Values


Oak Tree Ranch

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Oak Tree Ranch

Current Development

  • Autism Life and Living has established a qualified leadership team, that brings extensive expertise and experience in both the affordable housing realm and a deep understanding of the special needs population.
  • Site concept and design has been developed.
  • Costs, and Sources and uses of funds have been identified.
  • Investment opportunities have been established.
  • The search for the ideal parcel has begun.
  • Capital Campaign will be launched Summer 2024.

Autism Life & Living

The Oak Tree Ranch Story

Autism Life & Living, Inc. (ALL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed to empower young adults with autism by providing programs that promote inclusion, independence, socialization and well-being.

The concept of ALL was born out of a mother’s uncertainty of not knowing what would become of her 2 sons, both of whom have autism, when she was no longer here to care for them; a feeling echoed by many parents of adult children with autism. After extensive research for viable options for her boys, she recognized that options for safe and affordable housing for this vulnerable population in Arizona are virtually non-existent. That, compounded with high abuse rates for disabled adults and a significant increase in the prevalence of autism, validated her concerns. Though the concept began for young adults with autism, in honor of her boys, it includes young adults with autism and other I/DD.

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“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

- Margaret Mead

Oak Tree Ranch


Where will OTR be located?

Location is to be determined but we are focusing our efforts on acquiring land in the North Phoenix area.

Are the homes for sale or for rent?

Recognizing the diversity of socioeconomic backgrounds within the community, Oak Tree Ranch will feature a blend of for sale and for rent units. This ensures that individuals from various financial situations can access and benefit from the community, creating a more inclusive and dynamic living environment.

What will it cost to own or rent?

There will be a combination of for sale units and low income rental options. Exact pricing is to be determined.

Will OTR be a secure community?

Ensuring the safety and well-being of residents is a top priority. Oak Tree Ranch will implement 24-hour security measures, and a dedicated resident assistant will act as a first responder, addressing the immediate needs of residents and enhancing overall community safety. The community will be gated, with key card access only,  security cameras and a community watch group.

What will be the structure of The Oak Tree Ranch Community?

Oak Tree Ranch will be a pocket neighborhood that consists of 31 housing units, offering a mix of one, two, three, and four-bedroom options to accommodate a total of 62 residents. Emphasizing inclusivity, the community will house both neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals, fostering a cooperative spirit within a shared living space. The community center, central to the project, will serve as the nucleus for recreational activities, offices, a gym, micro retailers, and a courtyard.

What is a pocket neighborhood?

A Pocket neighborhood is a clustered group of neighboring homes gathered around a shared open space like a garden courtyard, that has a clear sense of territory with residents that value inclusivity and mutual support.

What on site amenities will be offered?

On site amenities include a shared courtyard, a pickle-ball/sport court, a pool/BBQ area, a putting green and outdoor gathering spaces.

At the heart of Oak Tree Ranch (OTR) lies the central hub: the community center. With in it’s walls the community center will house Autism Life and Living’s (ALL) offices, providing a central hub for resident services, administrative functions, and community engagement. Access to support services, including social activities, life skill classes, and workforce programs, will be offered to enhance safety and foster independent living. There will also be a recreation room,a low-key fitness room, a cafe and a micro retailer to allow for further community interaction and access to amenities.

Will OTR be environmentally sustainable?

Oak Tree Ranch is committed to environmental responsibility, incorporating energy-efficient design and utilizing the innovative construction techniques. The community aims to be a green and sustainable living space, contributing to a healthier and eco-friendly future.

Who will OTR serve?

OTR will offer housing solutions for Neurodiverse Individuals: Those with autism/IDD and Neurotypical Individuals: Seniors or community members seeking a community-oriented living experience, where mutual support and engagement are encouraged.

How can I stay informed of OTR’s development progress?

Click the button below and submit the form. You will then be added to our interest list and will receive periodic updates as we progress through the development process.

How can I contribute to the development of OTR?

If your are passionate in the cause please donate to OTR’s capital campaign by clicking the button below. If you would like to offer support in another capacity please send us an email to: [email protected].

Oak Tree Ranch

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Whether you're interested in living at Oak Tree Ranch, or contributing to its development, you can fill out our interest list or donate to the capital campaign below.